ProEnglish – Centre for English Language Programme

  • Registered and approved by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (W11A071) as a private education institution
  • Approved by Kementerian Dalam Negeri – KDN (Ministry of Home Affairs) to enrol international students
  • Approved by Human Resources Development Fund – HRDF (Ministry Human Resources) to conduct corporate trainings

The WillieWong Group strongly believes in the value of quality learning and practical training. It is committed to equipping students with a holistic skill set that is relevant to today’s world. Currently, the Group has established several initiatives across industries of Information Technology, Precision Engineering and the Languages.

As society becomes increasingly sophisticated and learning centres more institutionalized, the relevance of present education systems to daily life becomes less apparent. More often than not, the syllabus fades to become purely theoretical – fixed, monotonous and abstract from practice.

In order to facilitate hands-on experience so that students are trained to become ready professionals upon graduation, the WillieWong Group has launched a range of learning centres that work closely with individual enterprises to map out a comprehensive curriculum. These institutes have strongly established themselves among corporate executives for the provision of quality training for skills upgrade and cross-training, reaching out to both students and working professionals of various nationalities and backgrounds.

Under the WillieWong Group is a list of educational centres that are registered and approved by the relevant official regulatory authorities. Many of them have received industry accolades that recognize institutions which support learning excellence.